The Lamb that Saved the Farm

This little girl (I think, more about that later) saved the farm yesterday. She made her appearance between 8:30 am and 12:00 and she floored The Shepherd with her markings. We’ve never had a lamb like this before, although last week Mandy did give us one gray/black baby ewe with black legs.  You can see…

The Definition of Cute

These are the first two lambs born this season and the second two who were just born about a half an hour before this video was taken. I just can’t get over how they run around and are so alert within hours of birth! Raising these lambs is a heart ache, for both of us….

We’re Having Baby Lambs

It’s started! I was a few days off in my 145 day calculation regarding the arrival of babies. I don’t do it scientifically. I just notice when Randy won’t leave the girls ALONE and I figure 145 days from that. He is a randy old ram! We raise our sheep on the “pretend they’re on…

A Day to Do Nothing

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That is my plan for the day. Well, except laundry. I have two mountains of clothes to fold in the laundry room, which is ridiculous because there are only two of us. I have done laundry for a week but not folded it. If The Shepherd paid attention, he would be appalled….

Finding Truth

After the aggravation of the last few years (4 years), I have decided it is time for me to get back into my life and out of the world-confusion. My spiritual path has cliffs on it – I occasionally fall off. I’m climbing back on my path, just like my Capricorn symbol, the mountain goat….