March 18 Two Days Until Spring!

Oh the days are getting soft! What a beautiful start to spring here in the woods of Southern Aroostook County we are having! Lest we get too excited, I have to remind The Shepherd of our last two end of winters. Everything was beautiful and green. In 2019 we set out my seedlings so they could get some sun. I woke up the next morning to 3″ of snow on the damn ground! I was so pissed I complained that I cannot fight this climate to garden.

I didn’t realize how good I had it, in 1997, while living in St. Clair Shores, MI, right across from Lake St. Clair. (The poor side of the lake, for sure, but STILL). Mom told me, when she first saw our new home “You haven’t beat ’em yet but you are gaining on them!” LOL

In 1997, I signed up for the Michigan State University’s Cooperative Extension Master Gardening class. I needed a way to get out of the house. I was homeschooling my son, which meant he WAS ALWAYS HOME. Now, that may sound odd, but when you are used to being by yourself for at least 8 hours a day, having someone at home ALL THE TIME is annoying.

The class was on Mondays for 12 weeks. We had lectures in the mornings and afternoons. I remember one in particular when a young woman came to tell us about her 6 acre flower garden. I was SO impressed. She had slides and the place was gorgeous. She wasn’t short of a buck or two!

I decided, after the classes ended and I could work the ground. I had a second lot which held an above ground swimming pool for the first five years we lived there. The liner sprang a hole, I was paying for my son to go to camp and didn’t have the money to fix it. That was a mistake. I should have kept him home and got the liner.

Anyway, by the fall of 1997, I had a huge flower garden on that lot, a working fountain featuring Diana the Huntress, on a brick circular path, every perennial you could buy AND heirloom roses, an almond tree, Japanese maples, 200 tulips and wildflowers. I had a compost spinner, a potato barrel and a maple bench I paid good money for, along with an obelisk for my climbing honeysuckle.

I had a echinacea garden outside the flower garden, with wall to wall purple. I had a 12 x 25 foot vegetable garden just off the plant boxes that surrounded my deck, full of hollyhocks and columbines. I had a white shade garden between the two apple trees at the back and honeysuckle bushes (they grow like wildfire!) by the fence to our neighbor’s yard. I had to block their sandbox with something!

And now I have 52 acres to play with. I have a small, 30 foot x 15 foot garden in front of the workshop building. I have perennials throughout the two acre front yard. I’m getting a greenhouse, someday, when he has time – so many projects for the summer, I’m not sure we will get to it.

I have seeds. I have a shelving system and heat mats. Today or tomorrow, the seeds will be started. I have a hydroponic system for microgreens and wheat grass. I’m not sure how that’s going to work because I don’t think my seeds are sprouting. Sad. I will figure it out!

This is what my yard looks like if the sheep don’t graze all over the farm. If they graze, they eat my flowers! I get SAD. This year, they get the south and west fields, a nice electric fence and I get my flowers!

There they are – EATING

Today is time for tomato seeds to hit the dirt! Let’s see if we get nice tomatoes!!!!

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