Creating …………….

I wish I could remember how long ago I bought this fabric. It’s been at least 3 years – I think. Finally, I’m using it.

I would show you what I’m using it on, except I can’t get my picture to upload. I’ll work on it. This new iPhone is almost beyond me. I traded with The Shepherd and he has my old, easy to use iPhone and I got the mega monster.

Anyway, I am making a jacket. I thought I was being really clever (this usually happens right before my balloon goes POP) and I decided to do a patchwork jacket. After all, I made the one I’m wearing in the advertisement brochure for Great American Quilts 1992. I figured it would be cute.

Then I start seeing some woman somewhere taking old quilts and making jackets from them, like it’s a new idea or something. Sigh. Anyway, I’m not using old quilts – been there, done that, lived to see the piece totally destroyed. Let me tell ya, old quilts do not survive being worn – or when used to cover a couch. They shred.

I saw a quilted jacket on Free People (one of my favorite places to shop) and decided I would get in big trouble if I bought one of those. Voila! I make it! Yes, I will not get in big trouble that way. Although he does still bitch when packages come flying in the door. I’m hoping he’ll get over it in another 3 or 4 years. I know I’m not going to quit buying supplies, so he will either have to get over it or else be in a state of perpetual pissed off. I don’t care. Perpetual pissed off is how he wants to roll, I say let him. I only know I do what I want to do at this point in my life and if anybody’s got a problem with it, there’s a door on the house that goes both ways. Ahem.

We’re still in the middle of the big cheesemaking crisis. The crisis being, I ain’t doing it, and he is. I told him last night maybe he could hold off on getting 5 gallons of raw milk every other day. We have 25 wheels of cheese we can’t taste for 2 months and what if they suck? Then what? I told him to go slower. Seriously, I think he’s possessed by Elsie the Cow.

So I spend as much time as I can up in my room. First I had to decided which fabrics to use for this jacket. I had 6 choices and it was a matter of eenie meanie minie mo for sure. I finally decided on the poster like travel prints – a definite Parisienne vibe on this fabric.

Another piece used on the jacket!

There’s a theme here, see? A definitely French country look going on with these fabrics. I had already cut out these for a quilt, but I figure if I don’t finish the quilt in 4 years, I’m probably not interested! Now they can happily live in a not-so state of the art patchwork jacket!

As soon as I figure out how to take a picture I can upload, I will show you the results.

In the meantime, wanna see a baby lamb chew its cud? We had visitors here this morning and they had to go ooooh and ahhhhh over the baby lambs. The lambs decided to put on their “I am to cute to slaughter” looks and that’s when I got the video!

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