Is is the time change?

My favorite barn

I don’t know what’s going on, but I do think time is telescoping or something. I get up every morning at 6 something. I have my coffee, read The Writer’s Journal by Thoreau and, before you know it, it’s 10 am and I haven’t done a thing. How can anyone sit for 4 hours with coffee, a book, the internet and a phone? I can. Obviously.

Today I did get up to the sewing room. I managed to finish sewing down all of the patches on my jacket. I now only need to put the jacket and the jacket lining together and that will be done.

The Shepherd brought up the vacuum cleaner to vacuum my room and the landing. He complained. I guess there’s too much stuff on the floor or something. It looks like I might need to go get a vacuum cleaner. I don’t like the Shop Vac and the old Eureka he’s using has no suction power. The Shark we have is in a box waiting for our worker to come and take it for his wife. So …………… I need a vacuum just for me. All mine.

I bought myself a Swiffer Mop the other day. I have been asking for this for 3 years and finally decided the only way to get it is to buy it myself. I used it! He thinks I never mop or clean or anything. I’m sorry but if I didn’t clean the bathroom, he would notice. I don’t clean it as much as I should, but I do clean the toilet and sink every damn day. I do not want to discuss laundry. There is too much of it.

Now he gets some kind of military attitude on and cleans up the kitchen. All of my stuff gets moved (can never find it again) and he wipes the counters down. I am sorry that I don’t have any room to put stuff away. I have produce and bread on the counter opposite my cooking counter. I have no where to put it. This kitchen is tiny. Not the smallest kitchen I have ever had, but still it is awfully small for two foodies.

The Old Homestead

The weather is getting spring-like in The County. I know it will not last. We get excited every year in March and April and along comes a May snowstorm. Heck we don’t always have all the snow melted by May!

There is a flood watch this week. We’re warming up so the ice will start breaking up on the rivers. When that happens, we get ice jams and if you live near the river, you’re probably going to get a flood. Hopefully not in your house! The Poor Shepherd lived through Hurricane Sandy in a Brooklyn apartment and he lost tons of stuff – including all of his photos. Well, not all. There are a few I wish he’d lost. What is that about old girlfriends? Like pitch those damn pictures, right? Although I guess I can’t complain. I have pictures of my first husband and some boyfriends. I can complain though, because I want to.

Anyway, we’ve been listening to The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra. You see, The Shepherd will poo poo and arf arf my psychic ability, even though I tell him I had so many clients I couldn’t read them all without passing out. He will always ask me “Who came up with this astrology planet stuff?” I told him the Babylonians but he still doesn’t believe me. He just doesn’t believe. Imagine my surprise when he tells me this is his favorite book?????????????????? I’m like, huh?

I think maybe my philosophy of life is rubbing off on him. He thinks I’m airy-fairy because I do not worry. I keep telling him he’s doing absolutely nothing about anything by worrying about it. Let what comes come and what goes go. Just live in the moment, welcome everything and let any worries go. Maybe he’s getting there!

Tomorrow I have a whole other 24 hours. I have to sleep at least 6 of that. That gives me 18 less the 4 I sit on my butt reading and then ……………………… onto the next project!!!!

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