Exodus Chapter 1

It’s been four years ……….. four years since the girls who are leaving us today, first arrived at Happy Shepherd Farm. It was called Poor Shepherd Farm back then. There was a lot of work, a dang lot of work, but there wasn’t a whole lot of green stuff, except for grass and weeds.


Curious as ever, these little ewes. I was a surprise for them! They didn’t know how to act with this crazy woman, hanging over the fence, calling them babies and booboo and come to Mommie. It’s a wonder they didn’t take off running. Nah. They just stood there and peed. I learned not to stand to close. 


The Shepherd
Man and Wife

That’s how it all started, at least for me. He was already The Shepherd when I met him. Of course, I thought he had sheep with WOOL. LOL, imagine my dismay when I learned he intended to slaughter these cute little things! It’s a testament to my fascination for this man that I totally got over the slaughter issue. I mean, with a guy who looks like that and has a drop dead sense of humor, who cares what he does?????


And these, these are mine. They’re mine because they came to us 3 months after I got here. I was there when we loaded them into the trailer, I was there when Flora needed dosing for diarrhea and when Felicity needed it too. These little ewes were smaller than they should have been, for their age. We fed them up, got them back on the road to perfect form and shape and they have given us many happy lambs and many happy days.

And now The Happy Shepherd is heading into other areas of farming – bees, pigs and gardens. Not to mention the CHEESE THING which is an every other day affair. And me? Besides trying to get juried onto a site to sell my designs, I have to CREATE those designs, which takes time. And I have a new dehydrator and of course, The Shepherd needs yogurt to ripen his raw milk for the cheese ……………….. we have plenty to do.

Within the next month, our flock that numbered 42 at one point, will be down to three. Two ewes and a ram ……….. a change, yes. But none of these precious animals will be taken to slaughter by us and for that I thank God.


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