Spring Plans

Layers of Color

The Shepherd earned points today. He drove me all the way to Caribou to pick up my new to me Bernette for Bernina 009dcc Coverlock/Coverstitch machine.

I used to have a serger. I didn’t particularly care for it although it did make knit t-shirts a breeze. I think this is better than a serger. It will do flat seams to prevent the scratchiness from a serged seam and it will hem beautifully. I am ecstatic. It has been used very little, if at all.

That makes 4 machines in the sewing room. One is just a basic – very basic – Singer. The other two are Berninas, one with an embroidery module. I was going to sell that one, but since it has the embroidery module, I’m keeping it. You never know.

I have plans. I have sewing plans, spinning plans, knitting plans (starting a knit-a-long this week which will probably push me over the cliff, but hey, I’m doing it), doll plans, reading plans, writing plans, loving plans, husband plans, sheep plans, dehydrating plans, fabric dyeing plans, silk painting plans, mica pigment (can’t remember the name) plans and that should do it.

Sunrise at Happy Shepherd Farm

There is a problem with me starting any one of the above “plans” and that is my flitting from thing to thing when I should be immersed in one of those plans. I get distracted by food. In the plan list, you will see the word “dehydrator.” This is also a new family member which just arrived last week. This was The Shepherd’s idea. He’s into stocking up. And he’s into things he can sell at the farmer’s market or on Farm Drop.

I resisted this idea at the beginning. We’d just been through the Great Cheesemaking Discussion. An aside here, I have never been involved with, married to or actually even known a man as dynamic, enthusiastic, excitable and ambitious as The Shepherd. I met him online because he gave my photograph a like (and why not, I say!) and Our Time told me to go read his profile. The first thing I read was that he is in Maine. Whoot! Maine! Not stationed in Syria for the US Military and not able to call me unless I send him $400 to get permission. The things they will try!

I’ve already told you he has an Honors Degree from a prestigious New York university in Victorian Literature. He can write. I was taken in by his advertisement (what else can you call it) about his goals and his lifestyle.

First, he had sheep. I’m thinking sheep with, you know, wool. Nah. Hair sheep. What in God’s name do you do with Hair Sheep? You butcher them and eat them and that is HORRIBLE. Anyway, I adjusted. I don’t have wool to spin, so I buy it. I do help with some of the farm chores and I’m still waiting for the greenhouse 😁. I’m sure I will have it soon. I’ve decided it needs to be a hothouse up here anyway! I need HEAT in my greenhouse. I want peppers.

I hate to admit that I am getting into this dehydrating gig. I did tomatoes yesterday, crystallized ginger the day before and I still have pineapple, blackberries and blueberries left to go. I’m thinking fruit leather. The Shepherd likes Slim Jims and I told him there are recipes for Lamb Jerky – another project.

I also fix meals, which get in the way of sewing. Yesterday I sliced tomatoes while cooking pasture-raised bacon and eggs for him. Then I whipped up a batch of cookies, started preparations for our supper and helped pick out lambs that were going bye-bye with their mom. It takes time.

I haven’t even taken my FunLock upstairs yet. Today I get to go see Carol Ann and talk while she does my hair. I love seeing her. She’s been the rock in my pandemic isolation – also my total knee replacement isolation which happened at the same time as the pandemic. How that worked out, I don’t know!

I have a lot to learn

I may have to start a time management program. I need to go find a notebook and plot it out. Oh oh, more plans ……………………..

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