All Gone!

Yesterday was another busy day at Happy Shepherd Farm. We wake up early, get up, drink coffee and decide what the day will look like. Fortunately or unfortunately, over the last month, the days are out of our control.

Happy Sheep at Happy Shepherd Farm

I was getting dressed and Alden was sitting in his chair when someone knocked at the door. We thought it was our friend Ray, who usually stops by in the morning. No. It was a gentleman who is obviously Amish.

After a bit of back and forth, he asked if we have sheep. Seems his neighbor had purchased a ram from us last year. It would be nice if we could remember selling it! Anyway, this gentleman left his home (about 45 minutes away by car) at 5:00 a.m. with his wife in their buggy pulled by two draft horses, drove to his brother-in-laws home and then from there, his brother-in-law drove him over to the farm in his buggy.

He wanted to buy lambs from us. Someone else had made contact with us the night before, interested in purchasing 5 ewe lambs. After we explained where we were located and the price, they decided we were too far away. But before they decided not to purchase them, Alden and I went down to the sheep house and looked at every lamb there to see how many boys and girls we have. We never look unless we need to. It’s a job, catching these little critters, picking them up and trying to figure out if they have the right equipment.

Happy Shepherd Farm

I went down to the sheep house before they left the house. Imagine my surprise when there were two little children in Amish dress, another young man AND A HORSE who wasn’t nuts about seeing me!

They followed me into the sheep house, which made all my girls and Randy exit the house at the opposite end. They do not like strangers!

After a couple of hours, it was decided that Andrew would purchase 5 ewe lambs and a ram lamb. We even managed to mark the ones he chose with – are you ready? Nail polish! LOL, it is impossible to get almost anything to stick to them. We managed and then we talked about our being able to deliver them for him. After all, there’s no way to fit 5 sheep – even little ones – in a buggy pulled by a horse!

And that’s it. We have no more sheep to sell. We have two that we are keeping. And soon the bees will be here, the piggies will arrive and Happy Shepherd Farm will be Happy Swineherd Farm!

Piggies Are Coming!
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