COVID-19 and the Fear of Death

The Illusion of Mortality

I want to distill for you what is happening in our world, right now, at this moment, for the last year and a half. The Cosmic Consciousness, God, the Universe – however you want to describe the spirit that is found IN EVERY LAST ONE OF US – wants us to come to terms with the FEAR OF DEATH present in us from the moment we realize this thing we know as life ends.

We humans are the only species in existence that has this ingrained fear – and we must learn to accept it and love it and honor it.

Death is the end result of life. But Death is NOT AN END RESULT. The soul does not leave the body, the body leaves the soul. Who you truly are, the you that is animated and loving and kind and frightened and sad and perplexed ………………. DOES NOT DIE. Your soul goes back to your source and looks for a new human experience in which to grow, love, help and live.

I have been present when my mother decided the body she was struggling with was no longer a suitable vehicle for her. I saw her remove herself and I heard her relief. There was a sigh larger than life coming from that body, that cancer-riddled body that was allowed to return to dust. But the joy I felt coming from my mother toward us all, was overwhelming.

I was not present when my father passed, something I will always regret. He was in a hospital 45 minutes away from my home and I couldn’t get there. My first husband also escaped his crippled, weak and useless body five minutes before I arrived at the nursing home. I often think that, if only I hadn’t had that cup of coffee, I would have made it. But he told me he didn’t want me to see him leave his body. I understand.

In this past year, we have been forced into situations that none of us thought would ever happen. I was shocked when I learned that our economy, our country, was going to shut down and all of us had to hunker inside our homes. I still think it was wrong to do that. I still think that we could have maintained everything and just protected our older population. I think fewer people would have died. Putting sick people into nursing homes, where the most vulnerable people reside, was akin to murder. WE KNEW OLDER PEOPLE WERE VULNERABLE AND THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN PROTECTED not put in harms way.

But to shut us all up, the healthy and the sick, the depressed and the abused, the father who only wants to feed his children, the mother who couldn’t explain to her children why they can never see their friends???????????????? What the fuck were people thinking?

What if DEATH is just a door? A door to a different life, and true, you will not be visible to your loved ones for a short time – but IT IS JUST A DOOR and the DOOR DOES NOT SHUT.

There has to be a vehicle, a method to exchange one life for another. Once you have learned all that you can in one life, you do need to move to another – perhaps with different lessons or perhaps as a teacher for those who haven’t evolved into immortality just yet. For whatever reason, the Universe has always blinked in and out of existence. It blinks so fast we think it is constant. It is not. As our skin cells die off and are reborn every moment, our lives are the same. We blink in and out of temporal existence but not EXISTENCE. The blink seems longer because we have formulated RELATIONSHIPS as our method of knowing God, the Universe, the Cosmic Consciousness.

To be continued ………………………….. Namaste.

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