Stinkie Got Sick

The little guy in the back is Stinkie. The pink one in the front is Pinkie (I am SO IMAGINATIVE) and the red lady is Bess. 

Bess had a little friend, also red, called Porgie, but he shuffled off to Buffalo in August, not being able to take the heat wave. Losing a pig to heat is heartbreaking. I cried. I do not like losing my animals.

A couple of days ago, Stinkie started acting “different.” That’s how you tell they don’t feel well, especially if you don’t talk Pig Latin and you have NO IDEA what’s going on. You can’t say “where does it hurt”, right?

He wouldn’t eat, which for a pig is a marvel. He wouldn’t even eat the raw cow’s milk we give them almost every day of the week and which milk they FIGHT OVER. Bess has been known to bite Stinkie’s and Pinkie”s ears in order to get the bulk of that milk. She gets whacked now with the business end of a rake. She has to stay away from them until they get FOOD. I wonder why she’s the largest pig in the poke?

We have these awesome friends who raise piggies and these are from their litter. Ray took a look at Stinkie, checked his nose to see if he had a fever and told The Shepherd/Swineherd that he would give him a penicillin shot if he didn’t snap out of it.

He didn’t snap out of it – well, maybe for half a day he did. So I’m dying waiting for Ray to come over and heal my pig.

Ray and his wife, Kayla (Wonder Woman) came over yesterday afternoon (and brought their 3 kids who are the most awesome kids in the world) and I was expecting Ray to jump in the pig pen and give Stinkie that shot.

Imagine my surprise when not Ray, but KAYLA JUMPED IN THAT PEN. She grabbed Stinkie and stuck a thermometer up his derriere’ like it was nothing. Stinkie just stood there until the temperature registered. He had a fever of 101.7, which isn’t super high but it isn’t normal. 

Kayla is talking to this pig all the while, telling him he’s a good pig and she’s sorry he doesn’t feel good. And then she goes in for the business.

She gets her syringe, fills it with penicillin and Alden and her corner Stinkie. Trying to keep Bess away from the action is almost impossible. Ray jumped in the pen and tried to block the darling girl and she nosed his ass out of the way without a backward glance. If Ray had me cornered, I’d think twice about whacking him with my nose. LOL. Not Bess.

Kayla explained to Alden (i.e., The Shepherd) that she would come back and give Stinkie at least two more shots and maybe 4 more if he didn’t get better. Alden pipes up JEN CAN GIVE HIM THE SHOTS. 

Where is this man’s head? I objected and he said “But you gave the sheep their shots.” I explained to him the difference between tiny little lambs and 250 pound pigs. Kayla thought this was pretty amusing (she knows men, for sure) and said no, she would come do it. I have not decided on her reward yet, but it’s GONNA BE BIG.


When Kayla stuck that needle (has to be thick to go through pig skin) in Stinkie’s behind, that pig squealed like he’d just met the scariest thing he’d ever seen in his whole life and IT HURT BAD. He squealed for a long time – and managed to dance around quite a bit. At this point, Pinkie and Bess were not being quite so anxious to get attention.

I cannot tell you how absolutely reassuring it is to have people HALF YOUR AGE who know animals and what to do when they get sick. And who are SO LOVABLE THEY COME HELP YOU. 

Stinkie is doing super well this morning! He’s eating and drinking and walking around – and KAYLA IS WONDER WOMAN. What would these farmers do without FARM GIRLS like Kayla? And no JEN CAN’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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