So Now I’m KETO?

I dunno. I say that because I’m trying to learn a new way to cook. Not just cook! I’m learning a new way to live …………… 

Way back in March, my husband decided to lose weight. I listened (because it was on) to multiple YouTube videos by “doctors” opining on what you should eat, when you should eat, why you should not eat NORMAL FOOD and how – WAIT FOR IT – YOU SHOULD EAT ONLY ONE TIME IN 24 HOURS.

I must admit I poo-pooed him from day one of this “diet” and I’m surprised he didn’t start yelling at me because, when I do this stuff, he should yell at me.

He started eating a humongous amount of bacon and eggs ………….. every night. One time, I thought I would make it interesting and healthy and add a bunch of veggies. He didn’t care for it. So I went back to the plain old bacon and eggs. Mind you, 5 strips of bacon and 4 eggs! I could see the fat congealing around his heart. 

We did this for a few weeks, changing out the bacon and eggs for his lamb/pork/beef meatloaf full of every spice he could find and some I had no idea we had. I must say he ended up giving the piggies most of the leftovers. Guess it wasn’t as palatable as he thought ………..

One Sunday, I took off to Hannaford, which is the only grocery store I will shop at in Houlton, and bought stuff for healthy meals. I got a lot of his favorite things, including sweet potatoes. I get back home, start putting the food away, and he tells me he’s going to only eat once a day, he’s cutting his protein way back and absolutely no carbs AT ALL.

And so, I had a lot of food that I couldn’t feed him and I didn’t like. Sigh.

We played this little “I can’t have that” game until I got on board. Okay, you wanna eat nothing but vegetables and protein, I will give you vegetables and protein. Then he found out mushrooms are healthy. Okay, now we’re making mushroom soup.


On the subject of mushrooms, we thought we’d see if we can eat the ones growing like weeds in the yard. No, we cannot. They are all toxic. At least the three kinds I tried first. I’m not excited about finding any other ones that might not be toxic, but I might go look for Chicken of the Woods,

I’m not complaining about the cooking, because I like to cook. I learned to quit buying stuff he wouldn’t eat. I bought stuff I would eat, even if I had to do it in the back room, hidden from prying eyes.

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After a few weeks of eating one meal a day, he decides that he’s not going to eat at all for 3 days except tea and coffee …………… and bone broth, which sounds absolutely disgusting to me

We made that experiment for around 30 to 36 hours – and he decided he had to eat. It didn’t help that he couldn’t sleep AT ALL the night he started the long fast. So far, he hasn’t tried that again, yet.

Now all through this strange eating stuff – while he is married to a COOK and I don’t mean just a COOK but a woman who LOVES TO COOK and who knows her way around a kitchen. I hate to brag (not really) but I am the BEST COOK I KNOW. And that includes him, too. I fed a family of three on vegetarian food for over 20 years – way back when nobody had MEAT SUBSTITUTES for sale in the produce and frozen departments. I cooked. I baked our bread once a week, I made jams and jellies and pickles and relish and I canned EVERYTHING. So I wasn’t super happy that there is no longer anyone who will eat my food ……………….. or will eat only eggs, bacon and soup.

I have figured out, over the last 6 months, how I can support his diet, which is important, and at the same time, follow mine. My diet isn’t nearly as strict as his. I don’t do well on loads of meat. I don’t feel well when I eat it and I can’t eat it every day. 

I know that I ate a lot of carbohydrates and yes, sugar. I’ve done that for at least the last 40 years, if not longer. My idea of lunch is fresh bread, cheese and maybe a pickle. My idea of a good breakfast is muffins, pancakes, maybe a scrambled egg sandwich ………… or else cereal and milk. I can’t help it. I was raised in the 50s and 60s. Nobody told us Cheerios will kill you.

I had a lot of adjusting to do. One thing I had to stop was grazing. I’m well known for grabbing a clementine or an apple and letting that be food. And then, in a couple of hours, I’m looking for something again. I didn’t know that everytime I ate something, no matter how healthy or small, it was spiking my insulin. 

I don’t graze any longer. I eat twice a day, not once a day and I have a pretty hefty breakfast. He will even make me little cubed fried potatoes and bacon and eggs, if I’m up for it. I eat that and I can go until supper with no problem.

I make him some kind of soup a couple of times a week. If it’s my cauliflower/broccoli and cheese soup, I will eat it. If it’s mushroom soup, I will eat a bowl, but not every day. I can’t tell you how much I miss my black bean soup – beans not being allowed ………….. yet.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, going from YOU’RE NUTS to Jeez, babe …………. I can do this ……….. 

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