Mercury Backwards ………….

Storm clouds gathering

It’s cold. I know it will warm up again, but not much and not for long. My tomatoes will either get ripe, or not. 

In case you think you’re losing your mind, you’re not. Mercury went retrograde (this makes no sense but it only LOOKS like it’s going backward and it does this several times a year). I can feel it. I am “out of sorts” and I have no patience.

Case in point, I had the brilliant idea of putting some of my textiles in a local antique shop. So I messaged her and we were to meet today. She lets me know she’s there so I head out. It’s like 7 miles outside of Houlton.

I get there just as a truck is pulling in. She acknowledges that I’m there. I walk around inside thinking she won’t be with them long, but she is. They shoot the crap for over half an hour while I’m standing there with my fingers up my ass. I left. 

I took a good look at the wares for sale, even though I’ve been there a few times and bought a couple of things. There wasn’t anything in there that wasn’t priced WAY OVER what it should be. There was a group of quilts and linens. The quilts were rags and the linens all jumbled up in baskets. Hardly anything was marked. There were no prices on the quilt rags. 

I got tired of standing around and got in my truck. I thought I would just sit there and wait for her. The longer I thought about it, the more I decided to leave. I don’t enjoy hanging around during old home week and I have shit to do. I left. 

After barely acknowledging my existence for 45 minutes or more, she sends me a message saying sorry. Well, okay. I said no problem but I’m going to pass. I’m not putting my stuff in a joint like that and I’m not going to have my stuff jumbled up all over the place with kitsch.

One idea down. I have an Etsy shop, so I have an outlet. I would like a better one because Etsy is so HUGE nobody can find you unless they know you’re there. But I’m not out to make tons of money here. I’m just trying to flip a dime or two.

To top it off, every time I eat I feel like my blood has drained down to my feet. I guess this is because of the way I eat now, but I don’t like it. I don’t want to eat my first meal at 1:30 and then immediately have to go take a nap. This is no way to live. I hope this goes away.

And then – I went to the chiropractor today for my stuck back and it’s still stuck because it’s SUPER STUCK. So I have exercises to do and then I go back. I just want it popped. 

Bitch bitch bitch. That’s what this Mercury Retrograde feels like, so far. I need to do some heavy meditating to get rid of this I’M PISSED OFF attitude. I would say I’m going to do this but I won’t because I don’t have any time.

Oh, yeah, I forgot. We were listening to OSHO the other night. The Complete Transmission, which is alternatively hilarious and deep. I remember him saying TIME is DEATH. I agree. There must be plenty of it, or else I’m getting old. No, me? 

Right now I am procrastinating painting the heat shield for under the wood stove. I’m doing 8 different colors. Not as easy as the first and second time I painted it because he has 96 little squares I have to paint. The first time I did free form stuff and then figured out the medium can’t get hot. Then we marked it out in 3.5 x 6 inch bricks and I painted it. Then he says the bricks are going in the wrong direction. Huh???


Third time. 3.5 inch squares. 96. 8 different colors. PIA.

He’s over to the neighbors learning how to milk their cow. I guess I shouldn’t complain because I am not learning how to milk a cow. I will be going with him from now on though. I’m not sure what I can do except read instructions. She has an instruction manual up her cow butt. LOL, if only.

Ok. So Mercury is retrograde in Libra. It will be there until around October 17. Shoot. I happen to have my ascendant in Libra, along with Mars, Neptune and Saturn. I have a busy 12th house. It grows hair on your chest, I can attest to that. Mercury started backwards in my 1st house but will be crossing the old ascendant in a couple of days. I hate it when Mars gets involved. I have some fun coming because Mars is also in Libra. Thank God it’s not far into Libra yet, but someday it will conjunct with Mercury and LORD THERE WILL BE CHAOS. I have trouble keeping my mouth shut when Mercury isn’t hitting all my sore spots. 

Wherever Libra is in your chart, there’s where Mercury is going to play with your brain. If you pride yourself on being logical, the next three weeks are going to be hard. There is no logic with Mercury retrograde and poor Libra can never make her mind up anyway. This, that or the other thing is the way Libra handles decisions ………….

Age old advice is NOT to sign anything binding or make any commitments until after the 20th of October. Give Mercury a few days to feel normal again. Then make decisions, sign things, communicate. Until then, you might want to pretend you’re too spiritual to care about practical things.

If you don’t know where Mercury is going to play with you – go to and do your chart! Hopefully you know the time you were born and you, more than likely, know where you were born. That’s all it takes. There’s a wealth of self-knowledge on for the reading.

Over the next few days, I’m laying low. Staying at home, not going too many places – like there are PLACES up here ………….. I just pray to God I can keep my mouth shut ……………….. 


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