Freeze Warning

I am so sorry to see summer/fall go away. It’s cold up here. We’ve had two nights of frost, all my tomatoes, whether green or red, have been picked. I think I have about 15 pounds of tomatoes to deal with today.

I spent yesterday doing an astrology reading, blanching broccoli, roasting peppers and keeping an eye out for The Shepherd. He was out supervising the wood stacking by our two nice high school kid helpers. You have to watch them – they tend to stop work when they talk. And he FINALLY GOT THE PIG CAGE DONE.

The purpose behind the pig cage is simple. He’s going to put the cage down in the piggy house and feed them in the cage which is on the trailer. This trailer will take them to freezer camp – OW known as THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE.

See, the piggies go into the cage to eat. This is a trick. Then, when their time on Happy Shepherd Farm is over, they go willingly into the cage because some NASTY FARMER HAS TRICKED THEM.

I wish The Shepherd would find another way to make a buck. I’m up for selling veggies from the road, marketing honey and propolis, selling wood. I’m just not happy about how all my little animals grow up to go visit the butcher.

The reason I was a vegetarian for over 25 years is because of how animals DIE. Tell me the anguish they feel does not go into their bodies at death. And then I learned that the butcher SHOOTS THEM. This is worse than what I thought. I thought maybe they euthanized them, you know? Like when you have a sick kitty or dog and they are hurting? Nope. They shoot them.

So not only are my flowers dying for the year – so are my pigs.

I’ve gotten attached to Stinkie, Pinkie and Bess. Not as attached as I was to my sheep and lambs. I was grateful that none of our sheep were slaughtered this year. At least, not by us. We sold them all ALIVE. Most of them, at least 13 – have gone to farms where they will continue to breed. Some of the lambs are on the dinner table somewhere, I guess. At least it’s not my dinner table.

Pigs aren’t particularly CUTE animals. Their snouts can take you down in an instant. I’ve never been in the pig house with them. I’ve never even been in the field when they’re out rooting around in the dirt. I stay away from Bess. She’s huge and she’s not nice. The Shepherd has to whack her over the head so that Pinkie and Stinkie can get some food. 

Freeze warning. Both my pigs and my garden. Winter is almost here. I’d be surprised if we don’t get snow before October ends. 

We had a good weather summer this year. Only around 5 super hot days – during one heat spell we lost Porgie, a little red pig with black spots on his rump. He couldn’t take the heat. That was a dark day, for sure.

We had brutal heat in 2020. It was a year for the record books, not just because of the Covid crap. The humidity was 90%, it didn’t rain for two or three months. Hay prices went through the roof.

We had plenty of rain this year. I wish I could use the summer to predict winter weather. We might get lots of snow this year, because last year, we didn’t. It will be cold – there’s no getting around that. And there will be snow ……………….

I love this …………………………stay warm!

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