On The Road

It’s been a busy week here at Happy Shepherd Farm. I think the busy started the moment I got here, actually. Every day there’s SOMETHING. 

We were sitting here, talking to another farmer friend of ours and he asks us if we want 6 pigs. He was moving and thought he wouldn’t be able to build a decent shelter for them to be bred – seeing as how little piggies need electricity and heat lamps to stay warm. The Shepherd decided to call the butcher – because, after all, that’s what they do with piggies.

Imagine our surprise, since we had an appointment on Tuesday to slaughter the pigs AND IT WAS FRIDAY, when we learned that the facility had to shut down because someone got Covid. Sigh. We had made the appointment with them back in May. And now – nope.

The Shepherd was hysterical. Mildly, but still hysterical. There is nowhere else to take the pigs. We have to have the USDA inspection in order to sell the meat. And anyway, the custom butchers are just as busy as the USDA one.

I cannot imagine the level of angst this Covid shit created in the farming community. This is our livlihood. We have to have a product to sell and we cannot process the product ourselves. That’s going to change! We’re not going into butchering, since I can barely stand the fact that we do it, but we are going to have farm products that do not involve the participation of any other facility in order to market them. 

And there we go. I need The Shepherd to get the greenhouse DONE ALREADY. I was promised the greenhouse 3 years ago ………………. it was part of the marriage deal. LOL. I’m serious. He said I would have a greenhouse. I do not have a greenhouse, nor is the outdoor bread oven finished. Ahem. 

I have had a garden and it’s been super beautiful this year. That sheep manure has really paid off, which is good because it was ALL OVER THE FARM when we allowed the sheep to graze EVERYWHERE. Incluing my yard and all my flowers. The stupid things were even eating my rosa rugosa bush! I’m like, don’t the thorns hurt? What is worng with you?


This year, I got to keep my flowers.

We had a couple of weeks of anxiety over the pig thing. Sigh. Then I get a call from the butcher and she says – oops we have to cancel your appointment for November 2. I’m like, huh? We didn’t know we had an appointment for Nov. 2. Sigh. She says, well, someone else got Covid so we won’t open then. I’m like sheeit it’s a good thing because, if we’d had that appointment and didn’t know it and we missed it, we’d be keeping those pigs all winter and they would weigh about 800 pounds each by next spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh. Finally, the day before yesterday, we get THE CALL that we can bring the pigs on Monday. Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe me, we’re going to be on the road by 1 tomorrow and I will wave a fond goodbye to Bess and Stinkie and Pinkie! I am truly going to miss them and I wish that we raised pigs for pets, but that would be unrealistic. Happier, but unrealistic.

This past week was spent mostly on the road. On Sunday, The Shepherd finds a drop axle – don’t ask me cause I don’t know – for the greenhouse. He’s putting the greenhouse on wheels so we can move it out of the way in the winter. We have to have the horshoe drive clean in order to plow it. This meant a trip to Ashland, ME. The navigator was trying to tell The Shepherd how to get there, and The Shepherd thought the navigator was going to take him to China – so he ignored it and went the way we always go – which is through Presque Isle. No. Do not go to Presque Isle to get to Ashland. The navigator was right. Sigh.


Coming back, the iPhone AND the navigator agreed that we should just take Route 11 south. That is a two-lane road – no traffic on a Sunday afternoon – and it is about a savings of one hour on the road. It brought us close to Smyrna Mills – a town about 20 minutes from our house. Amazing. So now The Shepherd will pay attention to the navigator and not suspect it of dasterdly deeds!

The very next day was doctor day. So into Houlton we go so I can see the chiropractor at 11:30. Then we have to wait around until 1:40 so he can see his doctor. Sigh. We went to Walmart (why not?) and then I went into the grocery store and dropped $85 for practically no food. Still, we had to wait. So we go to The Barn – a place full of all sorts of junk (and I do mean junk) for sale. Sad thing. The guy who started The Barn died last spring. He was only 60 and had a fast moving kind of cancer. Kaput. Gone. Really sad.

The Shepherd always finds stuff there. I do not. I’m a bit more upscale in my shopping habits and I don’t like semi-old junk that has no purpose. He finds tools and things. I don’t. So we killed a little time.

YAY time for the appointment. In goes The Shepherd and about an hour later – out he comes. We have to wait so he can get a vaccine.  Okay. We wait some more. Then he goes in and finds that the vaccine has a $47 co-pay. LOL they do not know this man. He will not pay that. So now he’s going to tell his doctor who told him she might could get it free for him. Why not?

That was it for two days and THEN I had an appointment for my fake nails to be filled in. I don’t know why I had them put back on – it was a moment of weakness when I thought it would be nice to have pretty nails. If I leave my nails alone, they are also pretty. If I cover them up with acrylic, they can’t breathe and they get nasty. I had her take them off AGAIN. And I will never get them back on. I can’t DO ANYTHING with those stupid nails! That’s why I haven’t posted anything. I cannot type at all with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there went Wednesday and Thursday? The Shepherd goes to the opthamologist to have a tag or something equally obscure taken off below his eye. That meant off to Presque Isle AGAIN and about a two hour wait in the truck for me. Luckily I chatted with a couple of friends, read a little and generally entertained myself. And then, I get to drive home. 

Slight problem. My night vision is horrible and I’m scared to death driving at dusk because we have BIG THINGS WITH BIG ANTLERS UP HERE AND THEY WALK AROUND AT DUSK. I swear I thought I was going to die. They weigh a gazillion tons and they’re like 10 feet high and their antlers are like 10 feet across. You hit one of those Bullwinkle things and you know it. I understand it smells really bad when you hit one too. If you live long enough to smell anything.

Sigh. So there went Thursday. Friday I had to get up at 5:30 so I could go watch our friends’ kids while she went to town. That was nice because they have awesome kids. This from a woman – ME – who absolutely detests children. These kids? I would gladly take them for months. They are NICE KIDS. Probably because their parents – who are only 34 and 31 – are NICE PEOPLE. No, they are FANTASTIC PEOPLE. We both love them to death. 

I get home on Friday at about 10 and boy am I tired. I decided then that nothing would be accomplished at all the whole day. And so I rested …………… after I fed us both breakfast. And that was Friday done.

It’s Sunday now. A whole week since the trip to Ashland and it’s another BOY AM I TAKING IT EASY TODAY day. I’m hoping The Shepherd doesn’t have any plans for my extra pair of hands today. …………

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  1. Olivia says:

    Thank you for sharing!


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