We’re Having Baby Lambs

It’s started! I was a few days off in my 145 day calculation regarding the arrival of babies. I don’t do it scientifically. I just notice when Randy won’t leave the girls ALONE and I figure 145 days from that. He is a randy old ram!

We raise our sheep on the “pretend they’re on a hill in ancient times” method. We don’t separate our ram from the girls. We did separate our first ram, but he was a challenge. Max, lovely ram that he was, was also feisty, HUGE, wouldn’t back off and generally scary. We don’t have Max anymore. He went to freezer camp in exchange for Randy. 

I’m on a bit of a break now. Just about ready to get under the quilt and tackle some reading until my face falls into my pillow and I drop my book. 

Of all the jobs I have to do here cupboard cleaning is the hardest. It’s not hard. It’s starting it that’s hard. Who wants to clean cupboards?

I moved in here 2.5 years ago. There was a lot of bulk food items. Seems my husband’s sister stops at Costco on her way up here and buys EVERYTHING in BULK. Seriously, there were 10 two-pound boxes of spaghetti. We eat 1/4 box at a time so I’m down to only 4 more boxes.

Then there’s the sardines. I think there are 50 cans of sardines here. I do not eat sardines. I do not open sardines for the spouse either. I have nothing to do with sardines.

And then there’s the beans. What, in God’s name, does anyone do with 5 lbs of Cranberry beans? I eat black beans, cannellini beans, chili beans, kidney beans and adzuki beans. I have never seen a cranberry bean. 

I am filling a box full of food I don’t need in the house. I have an ulterior motive. I don’t have any room for any more food in my itty-bitty kitchen. And I have an order on it’s way from Thrive Market. If it comes and I can’t put it away, someone I know will moan and groan. He doesn’t get the food thing at all, except when he’s shoveling it down! 

I was shocked the first few times I went grocery shopping and had him carry in the bags. I mean, he seemed MAD. He has since told me he was just scared we wouldn’t have any money. Whatever! Surely, at my age, one can buy food and keep money at the same time? You’d think, huh? 

Well, let’s just say anyone questioning me about what I spend at the grocery store is a big peeve. First off, I hate grocery shopping. I would pay someone to do it for me. I also hate being out of something and a half an hour away from a store that carries what I need. 

To be honest, I was nesting when I first got here. I hadn’t had any money to speak of for 18 years so I was wallowing in my ability to buy all the food I wanted. And there were things he didn’t have, like FOOD. I mean, do you think Spaghettios count? I don’t.

I think I’m done with cupboard cleaning today. I have the baking cabinet yet to go but I’m too tired and too short to tackle it. Another day will do for that!

We have two new baby lambs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We now have only 10 pregnant ewes that look like it’s any minute now! My darling girl, 230 a/k/a Fanny, had twins this morning. One of them is a pinto and the other is brown. Randy does so good!!!!!!!!!! 

I guess the world is cranking on along out there. How nice I don’t know anything about it!!!!!


The maternity ward

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