A Day to Do Nothing

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That is my plan for the day. Well, except laundry. I have two mountains of clothes to fold in the laundry room, which is ridiculous because there are only two of us. I have done laundry for a week but not folded it. If The Shepherd paid attention, he would be appalled.

We had plans to go to town today and take care of some banking and county business. Surprise! It’s MLK Day and there is nothing open. That works for me, because The Shepherd kept me up way past midnight. We were streaming Zen (OMG Rufus Sewell) and we were entertained until about 11:30. That’s two hours past our normal time to head to the bedroom and then chat for two hours. The Shepherd can’t sleep unless he unwinds. Sometimes, he can’t sleep if he does unwind. I think I need to talk to his daughter, the doctor, and get some sleeping pills to put in his milk around 9 p.m. or I am going to start looking my age!

I have recently purchased a new laptop, which I have wanted since I stupidly sold my laptop in 2018. I shouldn’t have done that. I cannot stand Windows, never could, and now I have my MAC OS back. I need to limit my computer time! For two years I’ve been on the internet on my teensy little phone. The Shepherd keeps trying to give me his iPhone 11 Pro but his son gave it to him. My little iPhone SE is good and I have it the way I want it. I do not have the patience to set up a new phone right now. But I am glad to have the laptop and not just the phone or a Windows desktop. The Shepherd traded the Windows desktop that was “mine” to a kid for an old lathe he wants to fix up. Worked for me! I haven’t hardly used that computer. It was stuck in the bedroom, which is DARK due to the heavy red velvet curtains he thinks are awesome and I think are ugly. I am changing those curtains!

We had planned that he would build us a new home which would either be a moveable not so tiny house or a cordwood home on one part of the acreage across the road from the main farm. It sounded good. We could build the house (cheap) and sell the farm thereby getting all sorts of cash. One problem. The Shepherd is 64. I won’t tell you how old I am, but I am older than he is. 

I’ve been around here since 2018 and I have watched the building of two sheep houses. The first was not so small, but it was rustic. The second is pretty rustic too but it is huge and took around 3.5 months to build with a helper. Granted, it was only 3.5 months of mostly weekends. Our helper is employed full time at a saw mill here so he can only work on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. He is invaluable and The Shepherd needs him. We would need him to help build the house too.

The Shepherd bought a 27.5 acre woodlot back in 2013 which was almost attached to the farm acreage across the road. It’s beautiful, with a stream running through it and woods so thick you can barely walk it. Finally, this month, we sold it.

We could conceivably take the cash from that and start the house. But it would not be as large as this one and this one isn’t that large. We live in an old farmhouse built in 1839. It’s been added onto several times but YEARS ago. The wing that is our bedroom/laundry room, etc. was brought over by dray horses and attached to the original house. The outside back porch and the attached garage were added at some point, as was a long room with skylights that the previous owners used as a craft room. There is a little, unfinished room behind that which is directly over the laundry room.

What should be the master bedroom is my sewing room. I have that room full to the rafters, including most of the closet. 

I know it’s a mess

Obviously, this room is a mess. It’s a worse mess now because there is more stuff that got here somehow. I swear I didn’t buy it. Well, okay, that’s what I tell The Shepherd and he believes me.

That room is the reason why I told him I think we should stay here and forego the building of a new house. He’s talking about a home that is 8 x 40 feet. That’s 320 square feet, just in case you don’t know. Do you have any idea how SMALL 320 square feet is? His idea was that we could move the house wherever we want at some time in the future. Maybe we would find a couple acres with a drop dead view or something. Well, that’s a great idea, but my sewing room is 120 square feet and I have 75% of my yarn supply downstairs in the new closet he just built, plus more spilling out all over the house. Where am I going to keep all that stuff? What about my spinning wheel? My clothes? How small a kitchen does he think I can work in? Not to mention, I’m a little claustrophobic. My house in Canada was 3250 square feet on just one floor and I had an attic that was the same size, begging to be remodeled into a second floor. 

My bathroom on the Island was larger than my sewing room! I had a chef’s kitchen with a 6 x 8 foot island, with a pot rack AND I had a Garland stove. I had a 14 x 16 square foot pantry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeez Louise, this house is small enough!

Cute, no?

So now the plan is to do the things to THIS house that will make it the way we want it. We want to remove the bathroom which is stuck in part of the old living room. It is horrible to have a bathroom right where everyone congregates. We are going to take part of the porch and put in a bathroom that we want just off our bedroom. We want a soaking tub. I’m thinking we better get a walk-in, we are OLD.

I get a new stove. He’s talking about a modest little gas range which has to be better than the one we have. I am talking a 5-burner, convection oven kind of thing. I’m also talking a matching refrigerator. His refrigerator is a PYGMY refrigerator that is so HARD to find anything in, you go nuts. Everything has to be taken out to get to something in the back. That refrigerator has driven me crazy since I moved in. He tells me it’s my fault because we have too much food. There is no such thing as too much food when you live 20 minutes from town in the middle of nowhere.

So a day of nothing has passed. NOW I get to go to the bank and the grocery store and God probably Walmart. We live in such a booming burg! We have to go to Presque Isle to look for furniture and a stove. And maybe we can go to the Walmart there. Excitement.



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