Lambs Lambs Lambs

I figured out when we were supposed to start lambing this season. It’s not scientific, I just note the date our ram (Randy) won’t leave the girls alone. He had a bit of a rough time this year because we had several of his sons that were old enough to compete for the ewe’s attention. For a while, that is. I watched them chasing my girls and Randy usually caught them. I was standing about 30′ away from the sheep house and they were all out running around, eating trees, etc., and I heard a THUD. Then I saw sheep legs in the air! Seems Daddy Randy had enough crap out of his son and whacked him a good one, broadside!

I had figured we’d be knee deep in lambs on January 25. Well, we did have a ewe that no longer lives with us that lambed around that date, but our girls didn’t start until the 31st. We’ve had two a day since then, so now we are up to 6 lambs! We have 7 ewes left to lamb. Some of them are huge and some not so huge. We aren’t 100% sure that the young ewes (we have 3 that are less than a year old) are pregnant. We know two of them are, the third is a question.


More to come!!!!!!!!!!!! Upload times here on the farm are not cool! I can’t wait to get Elon Musk’s StarLink!!!

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