Keep the World Out – It’s Not Real

It’s true. What you see as “The World” is just a projected set of incidents coming from the minds of the collective. Not the TRUE Cosmic Consciousness, but the little, small, petty, angry, hateful and disgusting minds of the humans alive in the world today. Don’t participate. That’s all. you can do. Don’t get caught up in their anger, their hate, their nasty little minds. Get into your center and stay there. Don’t be swayed. Don’t get angry. Don’t be disgusted. Ignore it. It is mere actions from people who are unevolved. They do not know any better.

We are at a crossroads now. We’ve been here for 4 years. Four years of hearing how horrible conservatives are, how crazy, how we want nothing but destruction for every possible GOOD thing. It’s not true, but they make it true. It’s true in their narrow minds. They have no experience of the Cosmic Consciousness, They cannot see God. They don’t even believe that there is anything in this world besides themselves. If that were true, I would be devestated.

What can we do? We can center ourselves in ourselves, in our heart. We can conduct our lives without watching the news, paying attention to who is in power and who is not. We can live our lives in our lives – right where we are. We can be peaceful and happy and we can grow in spirit. If we get caught up in the world of hate that has populated America for the last 4 years, we too will perish.

It doesn’t matter who was banned from twitter today. Who goes there anyway? Why do you participate in “social” media? I laugh as I write this for you to read, but seriously, who needs “social” media? It should be called anti-social media. If you don’t march to the current drumbeat, you have nothing to do there. It’s a chimera, a poor replacement for having an authentic life, a life with people in it, not people on the internet. Why bother? Pull it back in, get into your life and out of theirs.

Where will this country be in another month? We’ve lived through months of riots, killings, property destruction, reparations by looting. The police in NYC and other cities are now not even bothering to keep order. Why should they when they are punished for doing their jobs?

The super wealthy among us have left the cities. They’re moving to fancy, nice homes on lakes in small communities. The rich among us can pick up and go. Why wouldn’t they? They will be forced to foot the bill for all the freebie give-aways to immigrants, poor people and just plain old lazy people. They will be gouged if they stay in cities where everything is free, as long as you’re the right color or the right sex or if you identify with a different sex from the one you were born in. They will have to pay the bill. They don’t want to anymore. They’ve been paying for the freebie crowd for years. It was okay as long as they felt safe. They are not safe now. And the cities, like New York City, will implode, as Chicago already has. There won’t be anyone there who wants to work, the legal and illegal immigrants will rip off the city, getting free food, healthcare and all those other things we have to pay for – they don’t. We take care of them.

I know I preach not being involved and yet I am angry. I am tired of this United States. I felt the same way in 2000, so I left. I am back now, and I do not live where things are in flux, where people won’t work, where people don’t give a damn about law and order or common human decency. I’m lucky. I’m exceedingly lucky.

I watched the last news program I am ever going to watch. I don’t care anymore. Welcome to The United Socialist States of America. Namaste, Jennifer

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