Win the Lottery

Okay! Here it is folks! If you live in Maine, Massachusetts or New Hampshire you can win $410 Million as in DOLLARS! And if you live anywhere, you can win $410 Million in the powerball. Maybe you could win both.

Years ago I played the lottery. I started buying tickets because every client I read from one Do Something Different session, came to me for a private reading and told me I’d given them winning numbers. Well, heck. I gave them winning numbers? And I didn’t play them? That was stupid. So I bought tickets. And I won!

My biggest win was when Mom was super worried about paying the taxes on their home. Every year, they coughed up $600 out of money they didn’t have. It was a stretch for them and it made the months before and after uncomfortable.

I called Mom one morning and she was sad. I asked her why and she mentioned the taxes coming due. I told her I would play Dad’s lucky number – 345 – and pay them. That night I dreamed I was shopping. I mean I shopped a lot. I bought something but I couldn’t remember if it was $5.95 or $9.95. So being superstitious, I play both of them – straight and in a box. I played $2 straight because I knew $500 wouldn’t be enough. I won.

The next morning I got in The Detroit Free Press and checked the winning number from the night before. It was 595. I called Mom and told her the money was on the way. Dad said they didn’t need it. I said bullshit.

For years I have won very little. Practically nothing. I don’t play much because I figure my karma doesn’t lie in the direction of extreme wealth. I am not a 1 percent type. But I’m playing this week. And I’m playing my mother’s old numbers. You never know, maybe she’s got some pull!

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