On the Subject of Creativity …………..

I have a bit of a problem. See, The Shepherd decided we need a new wood stove. I agree 100% and in fact it is almost ready to hook up. I’m hoping it will take him a few more days because I KNOW HE WILL GO GET WOOD AND MAKE A FIRE. And it is chilly, to be fair, but IT IS NOT COLD.

We have a rough time in the winter. He thinks there is nothing wrong with a sitting room where the temperature is 83 or higher. I think anything over 65 is STIFLING.

I don’t know where he got his temperature setting. He must have been an Eskimo in a former lifetime – oh shit – am I allowed to say Eskimo? Or is it Indigenous Person from a Northern Latitude? Whatever, he gets cold and I get hot. 

So this here new wood stove is supposed to be sealed and, what we paid for it, it should be. And we took out this horrendous teal blue carpet that saw a lot of embers fall on it! So now we have hardwood floors (hemlock, hand sawn) and we need a little heat shield under the stove.

I have my “canvas” which is about 2 x 3 feet and is cement board – and I have volunteered to paint it. And there’s the problem ………………..

I was given my painting directions last evening. I am to mark off the board with my 1/4″ tape and make it look like bricks. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

See, I basically think that if you want a board that looks like bricks – just go to the frigging store already and buy yourself some half bricks and glue them to the board. You don’t need me to paint phony bricks. Read that; I AM NOT PAINTING PHONY BRICKS

So here’s what I figure. I am going to paint WHAT I WANT (always the best policy) and if he doesn’t like it – then we can get phony bricks and cover it up? Sound like a plan?younggrandpa

My grandpa and grandma says it does. So I always listen to them. 


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