Cleaning House – Well, Part of the House

I am only posting that picture in order to shame myself into organizing (cleaning) my sewing room, a/k/a studio.

I have a problem with the word studio. It sounds like I’m a productive artist person – which tickles my guilt bone – because I SHOULD BE A PRODUCTIVE ARTIST PERSON and instead I am a fabric/art supply/books/ribbons/buttons/threads/ patterns/pattern making/quilter/fabric dye and inks and paint and foil ………………………. COLLECTOR.

If you were to visit this room of mine – call it a studio or just a sewing room – you would see why my spouse despairs. He is a basically neat, organized person. He likes to have his environment neat and clean. I don’t much care.

I focus on the thing I want to focus on and I know that, if I spend two days cleaning up my studio, I will lose 2 days of creativity. I may never have those creative jolts again. I may lose the inspiration for THE NEXT FUN THING. How can I take time out to organize when I have so little time to create?

My time gets used up because I am

  • Lazy
  • Easily distracted
  • I cook – I cook a lot – 
  • Laundry
  • Reading – I love reading but I can only read in my bedroom, flat on the bed and I always fall asleep. This doesn’t get a lot of reading done and I have thousands of books to read.

My goal today is to work in my studio. I spent yesterday cataloging yarns I need to sell. I am never going to knit all of this. So it is time to lose these things!

You can see the prices on the yarn at

I don’t know how I got this much yarn. The more you buy, the cheaper it will be. I need this stuff gone and I will discount it a LOT!

That’s the first step in organizing my space. I need to clear out everything I am not going to work on I sold my spinning wheel two weeks ago. I coveted that spinning wheel so badly, you would think I would have actually used it. I didn’t take into account that I cannot spin and I have no interest in learning!

I have silk paints – and no patience to paint silk – watercolors which I am keeping because, even though I am not talented, I am motivated,

I have oil pastels I use on my dyed fabrics. I love these!

One of my most favorite dyed fabrics! And Sennelier Oil Pastels!

I am thinking about thinning the fabric stash too. But I am only THINKING. I can’t even concieve of living without one scrap of fabric!

Yarn, I can live without ………………….

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