Mercury Retrograde and I Can Tell

There’s all sorts of neat Mercury Retrograde things happening these days. Like we have this tractor. This tractor is OLD. It’s OLD as in it was made in 1955 or so. It’s a John Deere M 50 and it has needed a bit of work. Right now? It won’t start. It has been in the state of no start for about three weeks now.

The only purpose this monster machine has is to plow snow. In case you don’t know, we get a bit of snow in Maine. Sigh. And starting tonight, or more exactly, early tomorrow morning, we’re getting a doozy of a snowstorm. Places that are actually open in the pandemic, are closing. I had an eye doctor appointment tomorrow in a town about an hour and a half away. Needless to say, I can’t go. I’ve only waited 6 months. What’s another month? Except for the fact that I broke my progressive glasses so now I’m wearing my old bifocals, it’s a piece of cake.

The Beast

That’s it. When it was actually running. The Shepherd plowed the farm for one whole snowstorm and then PLOP it won’t start. No Johnny Popper Popping here anymore. 

Now he has done just about everything you can do to a tractor. We’ve driven over to Dyer Brook to an old fella tractor mechanic twice to have the carburator cleaned. Then it was leaking and he went back. Then Ray came over because The Shepherd is spitting nails and it still won’t start.

We bought a loader for the damn thing, a blade, god knows how much has gone to various persons for attaching this stuff, welding everything, etc. And it won’t start and the Goliath of snowstorms is coming overnight. 

Let me tell ya, if someone showed up at the door, waved their checkbook and said I want it all, the farm, the house, the sheep AND the tractor, The Shepherd would have fallen down and kissed their feet. My shepherd husband, has had enough. 

It’s been three years now since he packed his belongings in a U-Haul and drove 12 hours north. This was just a house on 52 acres. It is now a working sheep farm with a sheep house, pastures, a workshop full of grain and a barn full of hay. We have 22 sheep sitting in the sheep house right now and there are still 5 pregnant ewes not doing their duty. I’m not sure what’s taking them so long! I’m gonna have to go down there and give them a piece of my mind! 

Mercury is retrograde. That means that anything electrical, communications, general things that break at a moment’s notice – all that’s going to happen now. It’s been going on for almost three weeks now. I think it goes direct again on Friday. Thank God, because my washing machine is also kaput. It won’t fill with water. It will go through the cycle and this has happened before, a whole year ago when it got super cold but it fixed itself. We do have heat tape on the pipes downstairs so I don’t think that the pipe is frozen. This time it isn’t fixing itself.

This is just a dusting, tomorrow it will be pathetic.
There’s a mailbox under the flag.

February 20. I’m waiting for that. Mercury goes direct. Since it got us during the retrograde, it won’t get us on the way out. I hope. Cross your fingers.

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