Deep Breath, Calm Down

Right now, things are chaotic. Everywhere you look, life is bad. Gas is so high, I have to think before I can go anywhere. I tried to get The Shepherd out on a short day trip. The answer was he has work to do.

Of course, he does. And yes, I have things to do too – but I need INPUT! I need to get out, see the OCEAN, see something besides the walls and the trees and the land. I need INPUT.

Somehow, even with the gas prices going through roof, and the fact that we drive a 14-year-old truck, I’m getting him off the farm this month …………………… and not for some farm-related thing. Going to pick up the pork from our pigs in three weeks IS NOT GOING TO BE THE TRIP I MEAN.

I’m feeling a trip to Eastport or Acadia National Park coming on. All I have to do is convince The Shepherd to spend untold millions for gas. I filled up yesterday and it was $80. I wouldn’t have done it if that little gas pump thingy didn’t pop up and some weird alarm was going off ……………………

We had an AWESOME weekend with my darling stepdaughter and her guy. These KIDS are amazing! My daughter is a doctor! LOL, I have ALWAYS wanted to say that. But more than that, she is KIND AND FUNNY AND YOU CAN’T BELIEVE HOW WELCOME SHE HAS MADE ME. I mean, she sends me Bonus Mother’s Day cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took her shopping because she may be a scientist, but I am an expert shopper. I took her to an antique shop and she bought ME Christmas ornaments! And then we found a handmade leather tote bag MADE ABOUT A MILE from my house. She got it. It is beautiful.

I had a wonderful time all weekend long. I got to BAKE – which I haven’t been able to do since The Shepherd went OMAD. For those of you who don’t know – that’s one meal a day. He’s lost 50 pounds doing that and we all think he’s too thin – except for him. He wants his college body. Well, okay. LOL, I want his college body too. I’m just not sure he can get it all by just eating once a day! LOL

Today, in honor of the fact that I cooked all weekend (and had a blast doing it and watching them all eat!) I am doing NOTHING but knitting today.

I’m starting a sweater by Tanis Lavilee of TanisFiberArts called Metropolis, but the marled version. It is not easy knitting with three strands of fingering weight yarn, but I love the look. I need this sweater so I hope I can stick with it. I usually manage to finish socks, sweaters are another story, however.

I finished the SOCKS I was supposed to finish before my daughter left …………………. they get to go for a trip! And I have a thousand ideas about what’s next ……….

If I can knit enough socks, I can forget what’s going on in this country right now. I can temper the hate, the idiocy, the false accusations ………………… I live in joy, always here now ……………………

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