This is the pile of hand-dyed scraps awaiting my attention in the studio/sewing room/junk room. My brain is swirling around because I HAVE SO MANY PROJECT IDEAS AND NO TIME AND I’M GETTING HYSTERICAL.

Instead of going off and hiding in my room, you can usually find me hanging around with The Shepherd – I am his second pair of hands. And we are redecorating our 1839 farmhouse so we can SELL IT and get the hell up out of here. We don’t need 52 acres. We want 5 acres and a view and a custom built not so tiny house on wheels gypsy caravan.

I have to complain. I was looking for gypsy caravan ideas on Pinterest. Imagine my dismay when I kept being told that Pinterest WILL NOT PUT UP WITH DEROGATORY something or others. What the hell is going on with this STUPID WORLD. I do not consider GYPSY a derogatory term. I would happily be called a gypsy. Shit, I worked as a psychic for YEARS. You think a few people didn’t make comments about gypsies and fortune tellers?

Anyway, woke shit aside, I wanted to see pretty goddamn pictures. Instead I get some asshole at Pinterest slapping my fucking hand. 

Anyway, we’re redecorating our home. So far we have painted (I say we, but actually HE) the sitting room. It’s a teeny tiny room so we don’t call it a living room. It would be a living room if someone hadn’t stuck a bathroom on the end of it and then put a louvered door up so everybody in the house can hear when you’re taking a crap. Seriously, whoever did that should be smacked. I’ve lived here a little over 3 years and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to wait to go to the bathroom so nobody can hear.

Sigh. Next comes the dining room/kitchen painting job. I’ve been told this has to be a one day job. Just getting the shelves cleaned off so we can move them will take a day. And then we have the bathroom and the master bedroom – the bedroom is the largest room on the first floor. We’re not bothering with the upstairs. No way in hell we’re painting three more rooms ………. four if you count the back room. 


I just want to move already. We have a friend with a house in Saint Francis that’s going to go up for sale soon. I think it will be perfect for us while he builds our not so tiny group of gypsy caravans. They’re going to be red and turquoise and yellow and have green trim. We’re building them on wheels just in case the property taxes get the jolt we expect. How can any municipal entity function without doing that? Especially with the Covid-19 nonsense of shutting down the economy.

I will be glad when all our PROJECTS are finished and I can do my projects without interruption. I’m not sure that will ever happen, but if it does, I will be glad. 

Today, I have a breather. The Shepherd has to get the pig cage done so he can put it down in the piggie house and feed them in there. That way, when there is need of a trip to freezer camp, we won’t have to pick up three 250 lb. pigs and stick them on the trailer. This, although I hate it, is the reality of farming. You have to harvest what you grow. Sigh.

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