Rise Up

Photo by Mohan Reddy Atalu on Pexels.com

What the FUCK is going on with this country? When did our society start to implode? Right now, we have hit critical mass. There is no going back, only forward.

I’ve been asking myself since 1991 what has happened to the decent country I grew up in. When did it become okay to trash talk people – even DEAD people – that think differently than you? When did demanding that white people apologize for the color of their skin become necessary in the eyes of The Woke?

I’m going to tell you when. It was when Bill Clinton ran for the office of president. He was a windbag, thought he was God’s gift to women, married to a woman who was obviously not a sex pot. He was a whore for attention. He still is.

When he was governor of Arkansas the first time, he lost reelection. He reportedly went around in public asking people why they didn’t vote for him. It crushed his ego. Turns out, they didn’t vote for him because he increased the cost of registering a vehicle. LOL.

He decides to run for president after a LONG, BORING, OBNOXIOUS speech in 1988 at the Democrat National Convention. Remember, John F. Kennedy, Jr. was supposed to be the annointed one, but he flew his plane upside down into the Atlantic. That cocaine will turn your world upside down and obviously your plane too. Whoops. So Slick Willy steps in.

That was the year I became a Republican. I was raised a Democrat – in fact my family were all rabid Democrats. Right now, my parents are probably reeling in their graves with the Dumbocrats acting the way they do. People from my parents’ generation were DECENT PEOPLE. There isn’t one DECENT DEMOCRAT I can name today and Slick Willy certainly isn’t one. He fucked a 23-year-old intern in the Oval Office – the same place JFK made decisions, where Jimmy Carter fucked up everything he touched and where Barack Baby would sit years later.

Billy screwed everything he could find and if he couldn’t convince them with his sweet talk, he raped them. He had the Sheriff’s Department and his security detail pimping for him. Not a big deal, eh? After all, JFK did the same thing. Not for no reason did Jackie walk around looking sad.

Billy was a special case. I say was because he’s old now and I doubt he can get it up without a lot of help. So he turned to children. That seems to work for the sick son of a bitch.

So here we are in 2021. And what kind of world are we living in? One where a woman who used her twat to become Vice President is honored. LISTEN, even a white woman can get where she wants spreading her legs. You don’t have to be black for that. You know, the one in charge of the border crisis. The border she WON’T GO TO – probably can’t get laid there. She must have a spare piece in DC. I think her BO boyfriend lives there.

Anyway, who cares about her? Look at what we have sitting in the White House! Someone who hasn’t been effective at ANYTHING in his whole entire career except maybe dick sucking the great BO. You know, that’s a BIG FUCKING DEAL, right?

The Me Too Generation LIKES THIS

If you’ve watched – or tried to watch – Drooling Joe talk – you can’t seriously think he’s Compos Mentis any longer. I lived with a spouse with Parkinson’s. I know what a Parkinson’s patient looks like. I’ll bet they’re stuffing his nasty ass with so much Levodopa he can hardly take a shit. Oh, BTW he didn’t break a bone in his foot in the shower. He shat in the shower and slipped. Ask me how I know. I was the one cleaning a 12 x 14 foot bathroom floor covered in shit. I was the one who woke up in the middle of the night and watched my spouse crap all over the bed, the floor and everywhere else. I was the one who had to clean it up. Joe Biden has Parkinson’s. He has no business sitting, drooling and groping in the White House,

Now let me ask you this. Can you see any reason why this person is such big noise?

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest All in One

Every time she opens her optimal dick-sucking mouth, the failure of the United States education system is illustrated. This bimbo got a degree in economics? Wonder how? Ah, yes, that’s how. Use your imagination.

Then there’s that weirdo from Dearborn – oh excuse me, Detroit – where she’s never lived – the one who has a PLO flag in her office and is going to impeach that motherfucker – words uttered in front of her son – I’m sure he’s heard her say worse.

And the Somalian married to her brother? I fail to believe it was only because of immigration complications. She loved getting it off with brother honey.

Now let’s talk about COVID – the dream of the Democrats purchased by them from China to fuck over the US. It’s a biological weapon. China was sick of the only functional president we’ve ever had putting tariffs up their ass. They said, hey, we can infect the world for you so you all can get rid of Trump. How’s that sound? The Dems said OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! De Dumbass Blasio, not being one to let a pandemic get in the way of profit for him and his, tells people to GET OUT AND PARTY! Pe-LOUSY goes to Chinatown and tells everyone to come have some Dim Sum and oh, BTW get real fucking sick at the same time. Then we can blame Trump for this horrible PANDEMIC.

They pumped up that little Brooklyn Tyrant – you know Anthony Phony Fucksy – and he says don’t wear a mask – then he says wear one – then two – then even if you wear a mask and you took the vaccine YOU ARE STILL GOING TO DIE SO BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID.

Then they get the SCARF QUEEN and she looks so SAD and PERPLEXED that people aren’t paying attention to washing their hands and taking RISKS!

And do you remember the ENDLESS news conferences with IMA GONNA FUCK YOU Cummo? You know, the one whose brother says WHITE KIDS NEED TO DIE, DIE WHITE KIDS, DIE.

He gets a hospital ship, a hospital set up overnight in the Javetz Center, nurses from all over the country coming to work, all sort of PPE and he STILL SENDS SICK PEOPLE INTO NURSING HOMES WHERE THE MOST VULNERABLE ARE IMPRISONED! And he WON A FUCKING EMMY FOR DOING IT. Notice how now the WOKE are worried about bills in states – you know, the ones that make it less possible for the Democrats to round up dead people’s votes? It’s a hotbed of RACISM. We shouldn’t ever go visit Georgia, don’t eat none of those goddamn Georgia peanuts for Christ’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sad about Coke. I liked it. I have always preferred it. Now I would rather drink dick cum through a straw. The day I buy a Coke will definitely be the day Joe Biden passes into sleeze bag heaven.

All these multinational corporations that have been selling us goods that include planned obsolescence as part of the purchase price, are now trying to tell us HOW TO THINK. I’m not THINKING THE WAY THEY WANT ME TO and consequently, I’m not giving them my pitiful few pennies. I don’t have any money because I am a white female in my late 60s. I am not black, privileged because I am black – listen, if you think blacks have had it bad – look at the universities that gave them scholarships and points in their admission practices – I didn’t get no goddamn scholarship to Princeton and if I had, I would have been proud of my country a long time before pooch face Michelle Obama was. She’s the change he’s been hoping for – she found a way to make money but I’m sorry she’s an ugly old cow.

And what the fuck is this bullshit about thanking God someone died? Although I will say – THEY ARE THE LUCKY ONES. Death ain’t bullshit. It’s just a door leading to ecstasy. Go there.

Now what the fuck are we going to do about these CANCELING CRAZY MOTHERFUCKERS? Well, here’s my plan.

  1. I’m taking off my fucking mask. I am vaccinated. If you’re not, I don’t care. I am. I am not wearing a mask and if they wanna put me in jail – I’m game.
  2. I’m buying me a gun. One of those big Luger things or a Glock. One that will rip a Libtards heart out at twenty paces. Irregardless of the fact that my temper occasionally frightens my spouse. He didn’t reckon with either my perceptive psychic powers or my ability to string stinging words together.
  3. I refuse to tolerate this WOKE bullshit. If the Proud Boys need a new member, I’m signing up. Is there a Proud Women organization? Let me know.
  4. I’m all for protests. I prefer armed protests if we’re gonna have to fight these BLM Antifa mutants. I’m not going up against PURE EVIL without a plan
  6. I’m starting a movement to bring ROYALTY BACK TO AMERICA. I NOMINATE DONALD J. TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY AS OUR FIRST MONARCH, WITH DIVINE RIGHTS OF ASCENSION. IT’S TIME. ENOUGH WITH THIS VOTING MALARKY. THE DIMMS HAVE BEEN FUCKING CHEATING WITH THE ELECTORATE SINCE I WAS 8. You think Kennedy was elected in a landslide? No. And they had to off the MOTHERFUCKER to get rid of him. It was no dissatisfied Russian sympathizer. It was THE CIA.
  7. I have a greeting committee ready for any WOKE MOTHERFUCKER that decides to cancel me. I’ll meet you at your house. You might want to send the kids to Grandma’s.

You can either be a part of the solution or part of the problem. If you’re willing to take the shit these sick motherfuckers are doling out – you got it coming. If you’re as fucking sick and tired of it as I am, RISE THE FUCK UP! It’s a WAR PEOPLE – WIN IT.

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