Lord Spare Us


I was raised in the 50s and 60s. I know, I know – every generation thinks their childhood years were much better than the present. In my case, they were.

We had no 24 hour news station. We didn’t have a 24 hour radio station. There was a computer, but it took up several floors in a building at the University of Illinois. My dad made the case for it. It was called Plato but he always called it Pluto. He was a card.

I walked three blocks to school and crossed a busy street with a lollipop lady. We behaved in school. There were only 30 kids in one class. You prayed you got the good teacher each year because there were two per grade. I remember 6th grade, praying to God I wouldn’t get Mrs. Strewleski. She was old, first off, at least 50 and she was mean as shit. She controlled the hall monitors and heaven forbid you had to go talk to her if you were running in the hallway!

Fast forward to 1993, when my son was in 7th grade and students cussed like truckers. Nobody told them to watch their mouths. We would have been expelled at the very least and smacked to high heaven once we got home. Those St. Clair Shores, MI kids were a trip. 

He’d been in Catholic school since first grade so I wasn’t prepared for how public school kids acted.  We had to wear skirts in school, no back talk allowed and you’d best be sitting down and quiet at all times. These kids barely had clothes on and they ran through the halls screaming. Then there was this kid that was always in trouble, beating up on kids, mouthing off, etc. They expelled him repeatedly but he didn’t care. That year, he decided my son was enemy number one. Whatever. After I found out my son was in the Vice Principal’s office for fighting with this low-life, I said SHIT. LOL, I learned to cuss after I got out of school. 

Anyway, I took my kid out of that school and started homeschooling him. That eliminated a lot of aggravation and we did fine. He enjoyed himself and he learned a lot. Mostly he learned by reading real books, not textbooks. He studied subjects in depth. He told me in school, by the time everyone settled down and there was quiet, there was no time left in the class. So basically he was sitting there for 45 minutes while a bunch of low-lifes acted up. 

Back to me growing up. I had lots of activities while I was in school but the most important one for me was going to the library with my mom every Saturday morning and getting new books. Once I started babysitting, I would buy a Nancy Drew book once a month or so. I took square dancing which was horrible for me because I was CHUBBY and not coordinated. I am still CHUBBY and not coordinated. I didn’t grow out of that shit. I would trip over a speck of dust if it’s in front of me.

As I got older, I would go to basketball games at Franklin Jr. High School and at Central High. They were right after school so it wasn’t a big deal. I would watch my Mom’s friend’s daughter up in the bleachers making out. She had to drop out of school. LOL. You can imagine why. But this GIRL had the audacity to tell her mother I was dating a black guy! I swear. First off, I wasn’t dating anyone and I never did date anyone the whole two years of high school except my boyfriend who lived 250 miles south of me. The “black” guy was my best friend from grade school! He walked me home for about 6 months because there was this other black guy who had pinched my ass on the steps and I gave him an elbow. Oh oh he fell backwards down the stairs. His girlfriends were gonna get me after school. They fought dirty. Ripped out people’s earrings, etc. Luckily, I didn’t have earrings. Whew. Anyway, Billy walked me home. And here’s this little pregnant piece of shit telling on me?????? This is America folks! Now she’s probably a fucking liberal.

Anyway, I got out of there early. I graduated as a junior because I had enough credits and I took off to school. I will say it was probably my generation that has screwed this country up. After all, our kids are now in their late thirties and early forties. They benefited from us being spoiled brats and they were even worse spoiled brats. So we have this generation of spoiled rotten brats raising even more spoiled rotten brats. This does not bode well for us. 

The best thing I have going for me is my age. I no longer have to work to put food on the table. I get a check every month and it’s enough for me. I do not have to sell shit to the GP like I did for 9 years. I don’t have to have people come to my house for readings either, like I did for 7 years in Detroit. I just sit here and do my thing. 

I’ve been working on my spiritual growth since I was 11. I slide. I am sliding now. Instead of removing myself from the world-confusion, I’m right in the middle of it. I’m angry. I’m so angry I’m going to start spitting on people. 

Today I had to go get groceries. First, I went to the feed store for sheep minerals and baking soda for the sheep. I forgot my mask in the car. I apologized to the owner and he said no problem. Ok. I go to the grocery store down the road, get like $250 worth of groceries and I take my mask off my nose, not my mouth so I can breath. The cashier is behind a plate glass shield. She tells me to pull my mask up, Jeez Louise. There were 34 cases up here when we didn’t wear masks. Now that the stupid bitch of a governor said we have to, there are 980 cases. Bite my ass. 

Well, I have a solution. I will not shop there any longer. I will never go into County Yankee Grocer on Military Street in Houlton, Maine again ever. They can have no sale that will tempt me. I only went there today because it was close to the feed store. I am a Hannaford shopper. From now on, I go to Walmart and Hannaford! That’s it and I won’t be going to often as long as I have to wear a mask. I hate wearing a mask. 

So I grew up in the 50s and 60s. It was better then. Now it’s impossible. I don’t live in the world anymore. I only see sheep and my husband. I don’t want to see anyone else. I don’t want to hear anything from the loony left ever again. One more time I hear inciting to riot and I’m gonna pack some heat and riot. I’m sick the fuck to death of the bullshit we’ve put up with over the last 4 years.

Just in case you don’t know. BIDEN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT.


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  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Well, you get a check, and I assume you are content with your sheep and your husband. I suppose you might spit on the TV or computer monitor, or wherever it is you get to hear about inciting insurrection, sedition, and domestic terrorism!!! I almost punched my monitor a few times, but politics hasn’t driven me completely to madness. I think I will adopt spitting instead. Messy, but now permanent harm done.

    I enjoyed your rant.


    1. Thank you. I love ranting.

      Liked by 1 person

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