I’m done. I’ve swallowed all the anger I’m going to swallow. I thought when this started, the day after the election in 2016, that they would eventually stop. They did not. They got worse. Now we have ABC News telling people Trump supporters need to be “cleansed.”

I knew this would happen. I waited for it. Now the left wing weirdos are going to come for us. Word to the wise, I have an AR-15 and a couple of handguns. I’m a good marksman. I am no longer taking shit. So don’t show up near my house. Luckily, I live in Trump Country. The whole county is pissed off right now. Seriously pissed off.

I went to Signal for messaging. It’s Elon Musk’s site and lord, I do admire that man. He’s pretty no-nonsense. Not like Apple, Google, Suck the Zuck and that super strange place, Twitter. I’ve only been on Google and a couple of Suck the Zuck’s places. Now I’m on Parler – until they figure out a way to knock it out.

I understand Apple has a problem with Parler. Well, I have a problem with Apple. I bought their shit! I have an iPhone and a MacBook Air. I don’t need either one. I can sell the MacBook Air and dump my old iPhone. The only problem is, Google owns Android. I’m thinking there has to be a phone not owned by either of them. I am going to look for it. 

There’s no way it was conservative, Trump supporters who did the damage in the Capitol. Trump supporters are all law and order. If you look at those videos, those people are fucking weird looking. Trump supporters look normal.

I’m sick to death of all the loony liberals. The ones in power won’t be there long. Jesus Christ, they’re long in the tooth! Joe will either die soon or go to the poop palace nursing home. Kammy will be so busy screwing anything that walks, she won’t have time to screw us. Nancy is on her last leg. I mean look at the emaciated old hag! And Chuck the Schmuck? He’s ancient. And about ready to get done for sexual harassment. He’s a sleaze bag. There isn’t anyone in power there that has a clue. I think we will be okay until we get to 2024 and either Ivanka or President Trump run again. We won’t be so stupid next time. I’m practically convinced the Dimms brought Covid into the country just for this purpose. I’m waiting with baited breath for it to infect them all.

Until we get back in power, we are going to need to RESIST. It’s our fucking turn. I’m up for it.

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