The Day After

We all know what happened yesterday. Or we think we do. Personally, I have no clue who entered the capitol. Supposedly they were Trump supporters, but I’m not convinced. Most Trump supporters don’t dress in drag or wear weird paint on their bodies. Trump supporters are normal people.

I do know someone was murdered. If you haven’t seen the video of the cop shooting her, you should. He walked out with his gun pointing at a group of people and then he very casually fired. He killed a woman, just like that, in cold blood. That wasn’t a Trump supporter who did that. That was someone who had a job and didn’t want to do it.

I’m done with two things today. Twitter and Facebook. Seriously, I have never liked Facebook. I’m only on there because my cousins are. I talk to them. The rest of the stuff is just a distraction and I have better things to do with my time. Twitter? I haven’t been on there for years and I don’t miss it. Jeez, you should miss people yelling at you in 140 characters about how righteous they are?

I felt hopeful about our chances for the last 4 years. I thought maybe we would eventually shut the Democrats up and we could have a normal life. That’s gone, over, done with. The loons control the country. All I can advise is that you pull back, let them run the country the way they want (which is putting money in their pockets and the pockets of their children and friends and friends’ children). Let them have The United Socialist States of America.

I’m always amazed at the bimbos who crawl out after a major news story. There’s this knitwear designer – yes, you read that right – who thinks she’s God’s gift to political thought. She’s been cheering on the rioters and the BLMers and Antifa all summer. It makes her look like she’s a thoughtful person. Truly she doesn’t have a brain in her head and she never has. She designs knitting patterns that are nothing but bits and pieces of someone else’s work. She dresses up in the stuff she knits and poses. She thinks she’s a beauty. Obviously, no one told her she’s not. Her mind is ugly enough that any beauty she might have is obliterated. And she has tattoos from her head to her toes. She is freaky looking. But she gets on IG today and says that the people with BLM were fighting for their lives. Uh huh. Sure they were. Bite me.

I was sick of this country long ago. Now it’s to the point where not only do I not care, I will not lift a finger to be a “good” citizen ever again. I know immigrants who moved to this country on a lie, not mentioning they were dragging a heroin-addicted child along with them. She proceeded to whore for heroin and got knocked up. Then she has another one. We are now paying for food for all 5 of them, healthcare for at least 3 of them if not all of them, they drive a brand new car, take cruises and trips back to – wait for it – Russia – and how do they do all of that? They do it because they lied. You can’t bring a sick person when you immigrate anywhere. And obviously, she’s sick. So now we have the whole family sucking the tit of America. This is how our immigration system works. Jeez, I wonder if we got screwed there?

The only positive thing that will happen within the next year is that Joe will die. Or go to a nursing home where he belongs. Then we have Kammy. We can deal with Kammy. She’s a peach. Just give her a couple of married men to mess with and she’ll be too busy to mess with the country.

That was yesterday. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

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