Stars and Sheep

It’s weird being a farmer’s wife AND a psychic. Especially since the farmer is a skeptic. He used to be more skeptical. I’ve shocked him a few times. I love when that happens.

But if you are going to look at the stars, you may as well live somewhere where you can see them! Life in Aroostook County, Maine – called The County because there is really nowhere else better in Maine – means there is no light pollution. At least not where I live, out in the woods a good 8 miles from town.

It is dark here when it is dark here. You can’t see your hand in front of your face on a new moon. We have bear, moose, deer, racoons and rats. I’m hoping the rats are all dead since the shepherd shot most of them this summer. In three years, we’ve only had them once. I think it’s the extreme drought this past summer. They couldn’t find any water so they come get ours. They are disgusting.

As for the star part, it’s like a canvas of white dots all over the sky. I can see Orion, the planets, the big dipper – everything is visible here. It is just beautiful, no matter day or night or inbetween. If you can handle winter, you would love it here. But we do get winter – 8 months of it. And this past summer was horrible. Hot and humid and dry at the same time.

It has been a big year astrologically speaking. Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn on January 12 and just capped off with Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius on the 20th of December. Things are opening up. Can you feel it? There’s hope hanging out here now. The news may keep droning on about Covid for a couple more months, but it’s ending. We may never be back to “normal” again, but that’s okay. We’re going on to the unknown, the best part of life.

It’s a big day for me tomorrow. My last year of my sixties decade begins. I’m not sure how I will function in 2022, the 70th year of my birth. I think I will have to admit I’m old then. No way life begins at 70.

Life moves on. We made it to 2021. Now let’s see if we can erase some of the bad from 2020. Like the whole year.

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